Thursday, September 10, 2009


I finally have carrots and onions....come get some at the market on Saturday, Goldstream Station 10am - 2pm.
Or next Wednesday at the Colwood Farmer's Market 4pm - 7pm.

We might be a little haggered at this coming Saturday market, with it being the Beer Fest weekend... but we will be there don't you worry! To make sure of this, we will be harvesting Friday, instead of Saturday morning like usual.

We are very excited for the Zucchini race this saturday, I think Mike has something pretty cool planned.

market updates:
the last Wednesday market of the year will be Sept 30th.
the last Saturday market of the year will be Oct 17th.

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  1. Right on Michelle and Mike. Keep on farmin'. It will be great to see some pictures of the farm.